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2015 events

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Opening the higher-heart into expanded consciousness with sounds of pyramids, temples and gongs


A modern day ceremonial experience – based on ancient time tested methods.


Limited space for 32 people.

When = May 30th 2015, 1.30-4.30pm

Where = Xenia, Chapter 1, 2 Secker Street, Waterloo, SE1 8UF

Prices: Early bird: £29.00 until 10/05/2015. Normal price £35

Booking and payment link = http://www.meetup.com/Professional-Group-Sound-Therapy-in-London/events/221474508/

In this series of Awakening with ancient sounds we are going to host a special afternoon session designed as a journey into the self. A deep Inner journey of relaxation and heart expansion based on ancient Sound traditions from Temples and Pyramids around the world.

Why this workshop?

Ceremony should be viewed as a process to move from our often chaotic and busy minds into the heart space. We will take you through a safe and nurturing process to give you a chance to relax and let go.

A quote from a participant at our last event 

“It was fun to do this in the afternoon in Waterloo, like a modern version of ceremony, natural progression and very welcome. Deep work, thank you!” Louise

Format for the workshop:

  • 1.30pm – 2.15pm Talk about ancient sounds and discussion

How and why ancient civilizations used sound to awaken unconditional love, including the latest science on how sound effects the hemispheres of the brain and Gary’s experience of using sound in the Egyptian pyramids and temples. Otto will also discuss the frequency analysis of those sounds. This will include 3 recordings of powerful sound frequencies from the Great Pyramid and Peru, these frequencies can help awaken our higher consciousness.

  • 2.15pm – 2.25pm – Break
  • 2.25pm – 2.35pm – Drum, rattle and Palo Santo

Before we can expand our awareness/consciousness, we need to first be energetically cleansed.

Clearing the old energy before ceremonies makes room for expansion and it is an ancient practice used across the world. This will be an opportunity for you to let go of any emotional baggage weighing you down and prepare you for the work that follows… We can also consciously let go of anything that no longer serves us. If we take part in this process consciously, it provides an opportunity for a deeper release.

  • 2.35pm – 3.05pm – Group chanting, using the technique Gary rediscovered from 20 + visits inside the Great Pyramid.

By coming together as one voice, we have the opportunity to increase the entire groups level of awareness. This could be a profound experience; we have shared a wonderful feeling at our last 2 events. There is an intangible quality to group chanting, something, mere words can’t convey.

This section will include a short discussion and Q & A on chanting technique and why group chanting is a powerful method for raising our consciousness and sensibilities.

  • 3.05pm – 3.15pm Yoga Nidra – rotation of consciousness.

To enhance the gong bath experience further we will practice Yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra refers to the conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. Satyananda Saraswati explained Yoga nidra, “as a state of mind between wakefulness and sleep that opened deep phases of the mind”.

  • 3.15pm – 4pm – Gong Bath

Building on the state of relaxation created by Yoga nidra. You will lie down comfortably and enjoy a unique experience with Gongs.

Otto will play a technique crafted especially for our workshops to take you on a deep journey of self-discovery and connection with the universe.

  • 4pm – 4.30pm – Sharing and reflecting
  • 4.30pm Finish

About Gary

Gary Evans has been leading tours to some of the most powerful ancient sites around the world. In particular he has been working with a number of researchers and authors in Egypt. He has shared many wonderful experiences with people from all around the world. Out of these experiences he has developed group intoning methods. Based on his experiences, Gary has come to realize that our ancestors were using the power of group sound to come together in spiritual harmony. Much like a conductor he has helped facilitate many groups in a nurturing way to reach this state.

Gary is a regular contributor to international radio shows and speaks at conferences around the world on sound and its effects on consciousness.

For more info on Gary’s work please visit http://infinite-connections.co.uk/

About Otto

Otto has been interested in the power of sound since a very young age. After a successful career in Information technology, Otto had a sudden awakening that pushed him to reevaluate the purpose of his life and find his path in Sound Therapy.

He has been since helping individuals and group to reach their full potential by treating many emotional and physical discomforts by taking ancient Sound methods and blending them with cutting-edge scientific research in the domain of frequencies.

Otto was featured on Channel4, Extreme Health radio and is often invited to give talks about Sound Therapy in conferences and special events in Europe and North Africa.

For more info on Otto’s work please visit www.ottosoundtherapy.com

What do you need to bring? We will provide cushions, mats, and blankets

Suggested: Bottle of water, Comfortable clothing, Eye bag

We do ask you to bring: 

Your heart and will to enjoy a special afternoon with you!

Check out this interview for what to expect from the work of Gary Evans on the pyramids. He also discusses experiences from our April 2015 workshop.


Check out this interview with Otto Haddad about his work on Sound and Frequencies


Full details and timetable for the workshop:
Booking and payment link = http://www.meetup.com/Professional-Group-Sound-Therapy-in-London/events/221474508/


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