We represent leading authors on a diverse range of subjects including ancient civilizations, consciousness, intuition, spirituality and many other genres. We arrange tours to sacred sites around the world including, Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Ireland. We also promote and organise numerous leading edge conferences around the world.

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We are about Rewriting our Future with help of the new humanity group as we celebrate, we meet each other. Plan the new future with Peace & Harmony, meditate, listen to speakers and panels about new possibilities in science, technology, wellness, spiritual expansion, consciousness and how to create a new path for humanity. You can purchase tickets with a 15% discount from Infinite-Connections here 



During this unique adventure we will take an in depth look at the anomalies found at the sites throughout Egypt, and combine, compare and contrast the startling evidence with Brien Foerster’s findings in Peru. Join Yousef, Stephen, Brien, Patricia and Gary as they examine the evidence and discuss the remarkable indications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret– that a highly advanced civilization with superior intelligence and capabilities once inhabited our planet thousands of years ago.

Together our Speakers will provide the opportunity for you to Explore, Learn and Discover, as well as hold a space for you to Feel, Meditate and Experience the Intense Energies at the Powerful Sites here in Egypt. The full tour itinerary can be downloaded as a PDF on the following link http://khemitology.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/April-2014-Techno-Spiritual-Tour-II.pdf


The Druids Path to Ancient Ireland & Britain, 12th – 25th of July 2014

We hope this tour of Ancient Ireland & Britain will put you in touch with an ancient civilization, they may be long gone but they have left behind incredible ancient sites, stone circles, and mounds. We will visit beautiful ancient locations across southern Ireland including Newgrange, The Hill of Tara, Sligo and the Giants Causeway, for the 2nd part of this tour we will fly to England and visit sites including Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Bath (please see http://infinite-connections.co.uk/july-2014-ireland-england-tour/ for the full itinerary). We will interact with invisible energies such as ley lines, earth energy patterns, and currents and learn how to recognize these patterns anywhere in the world. Some energy lines are imbued with healing energy whilst others are oracle lines ideal for communing with Source. We will see how the land is encoded and begin to comprehend the lost technology employed by our distant ancestors.

Lost Superior Technologies And Consciousness Of The Ancients Tour, September 15 To October 2, 2014

This tour embraces two different but complimentary aspects.

Ancient Technology: we will take an in depth look at the anomalies found at the sites, and show that at least one highly advanced technological civilization preceded the Inca. We will compare this with evidence for a highly sophisticated civilization in Egypt, existing prior to the Dynastic Egyptians. Our hosts will discuss the remarkable indications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret – that a highly advanced civilization with superior intelligence and capabilities once inhabited our planet thousands of years prior to the claims of most academics.

Consciousness expansion: Gary and Patricia will “hold space” for meditations and group intoning. A number of locations can be activated by sound resonance. Our ancestors had the ability to go deep within for insights; together we will share a journey of self discovery. We will also experience the intense energies at the powerful sacred sites. Join us for the journey of a life time! The full tour details are here


2014 conferences



The 2nd Eternal Knowledge Festival comes to London 4-6th July 2014. Speakers include Paul Deveraux, Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert, Brien Foerster (by skype) James North, Peter Gandy, Gregory Sams,  Marcus Allen, Tom Bree, James Swagger, Patricia Awyan and Gary Evans. Covering a variety of topics from psychedelics and pharaohs, sacred geometry, ancient Egypt and Peru, C17th City of London, the Hermetica, and concepts of the State both ancient and modern. Please visit the website for the full details. http://eternal-knowledge.co.uk/

Ancient cultures around the world believed that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages – Plato called it the Great Year. Today we know it as one “precession of the equinox,” an obscure astronomical motion, and consider the Golden Age to be just a myth.

But are we correct? An increasing amount of evidence suggests that long before the Dark Ages mankind had a deep understanding of astronomy, mathematics, holistic healing, and a profound ability to live in tune with nature. Join us as we discover the wisdom of the ancients. http://cpakonline.com/


Red Ice radio


You will find interviews with the majority of our clients on Red Ice radio http://www.redicecreations.com/



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