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What: Grounding and Earthing can be defined as connecting directly with bare feet on the earth, grass or sand. When your body has a direct connection with the earth IE you are grounded, you are able to exchange with our electron-enriched planet, experiments have shown improved functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 


Grounding @ the Doorway of Amaru Muru Peru

Why: Earthing can be used to de-stress and relax the body, after a 10-20 minute session I often feel refreshed and re-charged and ready to face the rest of the day. While visiting ancient sites, with practice you may find grounding helps you to have an increased awareness of the environment around you. Combining grounding with some of the other steps in this guide can lead to profound and moving experiences.

How: This one is easy, it can be as simple as walking outside into your yard/garden or perhaps taking a short walk to a local park. If you are lucky and live by the ocean I would recommend walking to the beach and covering your bare feet in sand, for an extra good earthing experience you can cover even more of your body! Perhaps re-live your child hood and be partly buried by a friend? after grounding for a while you can return the favour!.

When: visiting ancient sites, my advice is to familiarise yourself with your surroundings first, ideally you are looking for a quiet spot away from other people. Don’t be afraid if the grass or ground is a little damp, this actually helps the process! I generally use a plastic bag to sit on wet grass/ground, a simple solution that can be used over and over again!

Health Benefits: “Your skin in general is a very good conductor. You can connect any part of your skin to the Earth, but if you compare various parts there is one that is especially potent, and that’s right in the middle of the ball of your foot; a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1). It’s a well-known point that conductively connects to all of the acupuncture meridians and essentially connects to every nook and cranny of your body. Interestingly, grounding—or rather the lack thereof—has a lot to do with the rise of modern diseases. Dr. Oschman’s research into grounding has led him to better understand inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a primary cause of virtually all disease, from diabetes to cancer. And by looking at what happens during grounding, the answer to why chronic inflammation is so prevalent, and what is needed to prevent it, is becoming better understood.” http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/29/james-oschman-on-earthing.aspx

The process of earthing allows free electrons in the Earth to flow into the body. Free electrons are credited as being incredibly powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants appear to be responsible for clinical observations, the following was observed: Beneficial changes in heart rate, lower skin resistance and reduced levels of inflammation.

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About the author: Gary Evans


The tours I help organize often have a self-development or spiritual theme, my role on tour is to share techniques developed to help guests obtain deep insights and find inner peace. I have spent many weeks on the road traveling with open-minded people from all over the world. The techniques I encourage others to use are a combination of ancient metaphysical wisdom and scientific understandings. These tips can also be incorporated into our daily or weekly lives when we need a moment of calm.

I have spent considerable time studying ancient wisdom traditions that have survived until the present day. We have very little information on the spiritual practices of the ancient Egyptians or the Druids in Europe. How can we get an idea of their mindset? Perhaps we can look elsewhere for clues? I feel very grateful that the world has one area that acts as a spiritual library for the whole planet: India and Tibet. By following the ancient spiritual practices from the east during my visits to sacred sites, a whole new world has opened before my eyes.