2014 conferences, and events.


Infinite Connections help organise and promote numerous leading edge conferences and events. Please find below our 2014 schedule. If you have any questions please drop us a line via the contact form on the right hand side of this page.



The 2nd Eternal Knowledge Festival comes to Atherstone, Warwickshire, 4-6th July 2014. Speakers include: Brien Foerster (by skype) and Gregory Sams. Our new speakers include Marcus Allen, Patricia Awyan, Tom Bree, Paul Devereux, Gary Evans, Adrian Gilbert, Gary Lachman, Christopher McIntosh, Karen Ralls, Diana Taylor. Covering a variety of topics from psychedelics and pharaohs, sacred geometry, ancient Egypt and Peru, C17th City of London, the Hermetica, and concepts of the State both ancient and modern. Please visit the website for the full details.

The first EKF in Suffolk in 2012 was a great success. We are now bringing this weekend of talks and workshops to Atherstone, the geomantic centre of England where we will continue to explore Bronze Age to Modern Age knowledge that is both useful and relevant to civilisation.

This time we are focussing on the links between ancient societies, like the Egyptians, and the Hermetic (eternal) wisdom that has influenced European culture through the centuries. We will have talks and workshops on ancient technology, Egypt and the stone of destiny, psychedelics and pharaohs, Medieval heresies, C17th Rosicrucianism, Carl Jung and hermeticism, concepts of the state ancient and modern, Tarot and the Hermetica, and sacred geometry. There will be a general forum discussion with speakers at the end of the weekend.

Two workshops:

The Science of Sound and Metaphysics in Ancient Egypt.

UK and US venues

UK Retreat: Relax, Restore & Renew with a Yoga, Sound & Meditation Retreat with Dawn Smith, Gary Evans & Fellow Teachers. Monday 28th – Thursday 31st July 2014. At Florence House, Southdown Road, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 4JS. The full details are here 

US Retreat: Gary Evans will also be holding a weekend workshop at ECETI Ranch in Washington state from September 5th to 7th. The full details are here

Request a Private Invitation to Visit

All visitation to the Ranch is by private reservation and private invitation only. Please do not show up uninvited or with out a reservation. The front gate will be closed and James & the Ranch Crew may have other engagements scheduled. We trust all will understand that there is a high degree of international interest in James and the Ranch. For more information kindly contact us at or call 509-395-2092 Please contact us in advance, we will do our best to reply promptly.

Ancient cultures around the world believed that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages – Plato called it the Great Year. Today we know it as one “precession of the equinox,” an obscure astronomical motion, and consider the Golden Age to be just a myth.

But are we correct? An increasing amount of evidence suggests that long before the Dark Ages mankind had a deep understanding of astronomy, mathematics, holistic healing, and a profound ability to live in tune with nature. Join us as we discover the wisdom of the ancients.


Dr. Dean Radin – Supernormal – Ancient Science, Yoga and Evidence of extraordinary abilities.

Dr. Robert Schoch  – Gobekli Tepe, purposely buried almost 10,000 years ago. Why?

Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D. – The transformative power of quantum physics to change ourselves and our social institutions.

Walter Cruttenden – Stellar evidence of a higher age, lessons from Noah

Hugh Newman – Reveals that stone circles are astronomically aligned, are part of a greater geodetic survey, and more…

Gary Evans – Archeoacoustics: Sounds of a higher age consciousness.

Joseph Selbie – Yuga keys to understanding changes in world history and consciousness.

Marie D. Jones – Viral Mythology, the ancient truth in legend, art and architecture.

Laird Scranton – The amazing structure and meaning of early languages.

“And others coming soon”

2013 conferences, and events.


Gary Evans will be giving a presentation on “The Natural Technologies of the Ancient World” at the TruthJuice gathering near Stonehenge – August 22nd -26th 2013. Click this linkor the below banner for more information. Other speakers include Kerry Cassidy, Santos Bonacci, Lucy Wyatt, Maria Wheatley and many more.

Ancient site tours will also be available with Maria Wheatley to Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, The long lost Healing Temple, Stonehenge, The Cursus Barrows – where time slips have been reported, Crop circles (if in locality).


Get your tickets, NOW, for the Paradigm Symposium 2013 (PS2013) – OCTOBER 17-20, 2013, Minneapolis, MN

Featuring These phenomenal GUEST SPEAKERS:

Robert Bauval
Scott Wolter
L.A. Marzulli
Dr. Robert Schoch
Nick Redfern
Dr. John Ward, Sirius Project, Luxor, Egypt
Anthony F. Sanchez
Laird Scranton
Dr. John DeSalvo
David Weatherly
Marie D. Jones
Larry Flaxman
Dan Madsen
Thomas Fusco
PZ Myers
Father Jack Ashcraft
Micah Hanks
Scotty Roberts

BIG Ticket – $239
BIGGER Ticket – $339
BIGGEST Ticket – $449
(see the website for ticket details)

OR call with any questions: USA (651) 278-8988

“The Paradigm Symposium has quickly become the #1 alternative conference in the United States, if not the world.”

~ Philip Coppens, November 2012

2012 Alternative History and Transformational media conferences and events

The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution is a series of inspirational lectures from world teachers who are pushing the frontiers of science and spirituality to bring a new world view into light.


Transformational Media – A new summit bringing together leaders from across the globe to explore how emerging trends and new ideas in media can contribute to peaceful prosperous living. London, 27-28th of September 2012.



The Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge – CPAK will again bring together a cadre of authors, scientists and independent researchers.



Graham Hancock – A Species with Amnesia
Monday 26 November 2012 – 7.00 PM to 8.30 PM

St James’s Church / Piccadilly / London
£10/5 concs.
Click here for a map

See here for details, and booking options:

It’s often been said that those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. But what if we have forgotten an entire, hugely important episode in human history?


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