Sunset at Stonehenge.


Have ancient sites changed your life?

Do you feel your life has been changed from visiting an ancient site? Did you gain an insight that helped your life move forwards in a positive way? Have you shared a powerful group experience at a sacred site or powerful landscape location? if so why did it mean so much? I am interested to hear from anyone that has visited ancient sites and had interesting or spiritual experiences. Why is it that many of us feel called to ancient sites? Are they relevant today? I would argue that ancient sites can help give us an appreciation for our history and ancestors. Time away from home can also provide an opportunity to reflect on our own life and our impact on the world around us. It’s common to have philosophical conversations on location with a group, a common discussion is the society we live in, the lack of care for the environment and each other, these subjects come up over and over again. Many people seem to be seeking inspiration on how they can contribute to a better world, myself included! Perhaps by sharing our most memorable stories, insights and experiences we can help each other move forwards.


All contributions are welcomed. Gary