Palo Santo Final

Palo Santo “holy wood”

Palo Santo is easy to use and its power to cleanse and purify is simply amazing. Palo Santo translates from Spanish to “holy wood”. It belongs to the (Bursera) family, as does Frankincense and Myrrh. Indigenous people have used this powerful wood for centuries for its spiritual, religious, medicinal, and practical qualities. If you are looking for a pure and simple cleansing method for your home, car, or closet that’s chemical free, you need look no further than Palo Santo Wood.

On top of the above, it has a very practical side as well, the smoke from burning Palo Santo can be used as a repellent to keep away mosquitoes, ants and other insects.

We will be using Palo Santo in our May 30th workshop along with the other elements shared on this social media feed. By combining a number of subtle elements, we hope to offer a deep experience for all those who participate.

Awakening unconditional love

with ancient sounds ceremony London

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In this series of Awakening with ancient sounds we are going to host a special afternoon session designed as a journey into the self. A deep Inner journey of relaxation and heart expansion based on ancient Sound traditions from Temples and Pyramids around the world.

Why this workshop?

Ceremony should be viewed as a process to move from our often chaotic and busy minds into the heart space. We will take you through a safe and nurturing process to give you a chance to relax and let go.

A quote from a participant at our last event

“It was fun to do this in the afternoon in Waterloo, like a modern version of ceremony, natural progression and very welcome. Deep work, thank you!” Louise

Where = Xenia, Chapter 1, 2 Secker Street, Waterloo, SE1 8UF

Prices: Early bird: £29.00 until 10/05/2015

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