September 2014 Peru & Bolivia tour


Superior Technologies And Consciousness Of The Ancients Tour September 15 To October 2, 2014


Following on from a hugely successful tour of Egypt in 2013 we are excited to announce our next adventure! For the first time 5 speakers with varied specialties will help guide guests around Peru and Bolivia. Our 5 hosts include the star of the History channels Ancient Aliens and pre-Colombian culture expert Brien Foerster, along with Stephen Mehler, master of Egyptian oral tradition and history, and Gary Evans. We will also be joined by Patricia and Yousef Awyan from The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism, (who are continuing the teachings of Yousef’s father Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Egyptian indigenous wisdom keeper).

There are many tours of Peru which are “spiritually” based, and many others that focus on the Inca civilization as the sole creators of such iconic stone structures such as Machu Pic’chu and Sachsayhuaman. An important distinction to note about our tours approach to spiritual matters is, we will not be approaching the sites from a “new age” perspective. The ethos of the team working on this tour is to go back in time and try to understand what the original builders of these sites were thinking. Modern interpretations of spirituality are quite often at conflict with this approach. Instead, for those interested, we will simply suggest time to be mindful at the sites, time to contemplate. This will be focussed around the most powerful locations we visit. Many of the sites have palpable atmospheres, many of us are aware of the still feeling in the air we experience when entering a church or cathedral. Sacred Space has a very real “atmosphere”. We will provide opportunities to “tune in” while on location. As always the group dynamic and the people attending will help direct the flow of our experiences. Please speak with Gary for any extra details, or listen to his recent interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Mysterious Ancient Sites with Gary Evans interview link

This tour embraces two different but complimentary aspects.

Ancient Technology: we will take an in depth look at the anomalies found at the sites, and show that at least one highly advanced technological civilization preceded the Inca. We will compare this with evidence for a highly sophisticated civilization in Egypt, existing prior to the Dynastic Egyptians. Our hosts will discuss the remarkable indications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret – that a highly advanced civilization with superior intelligence and capabilities once inhabited our planet thousands of years prior to the claims of most academics.

Consciousness expansion: Gary and Patricia will “hold space” for meditations and group intoning. A number of locations can be activated by sound resonance. Our ancestors had the ability to go deep within for insights; together we will share a journey of self discovery. We will also experience the intense energies at the powerful sacred sites. Join us for the journey of a life time!

For those on the Nazca/Paracas extension, all must arrive by September 14, and we will stay overnight at the Hotel Antiguas:

4 day Nazca and Paracas tour 

September 14th to 18th 2014


day 14


Day 1: Sept. 15: We drive along the scenic coast of Peru south to Paracas, a beautiful small fishing town and home of the Paracas History museum, which has many elongated human skulls and other artifacts to examine. Overnight at the new and beautiful San Augustin Resort Hotel:

day 15

Day 2: Sept. 16: We go by boat out to the fabulous Ballestas Islands and Cabdelabro geoglyph, off Paracas, and then drive to Nazca, stopping to observe the lesser known Palpa geoglyphs and lines, similar to those at Nazca, along the way. Overnight the luxurious Hotel Nuevo Cantayoc:

day 16


Day 3: Sept. 17: Fly over the Nazca Lines and geoglyphs. Then we visit the Antonini Museum which has an amazing collection of Nazca and other ceramic artefacts. Drive back to Paracas and stay overnight.

Overnight at the San Augustin Resort Hotel:


Day 4: Sept. 18: Drive back to Lima. Overnight Hotel Antiguas:

Main 10 day tour of the Sacred Valley

including: Macchu Pichu 

September 19th to September 28th 2014


Day 1: Sept. 19: All participants must arrive by this date, and due to the fact that people will be arriving from various parts of the world, this day will be dedicated to relaxation and getting to know one another. Overnight at the Hotel Antiguas:

Day 2: Sept. 20: Tour of historic colonial Lima, the oldest capital city in South America. We will also visit the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, in order to get an introduction to all of Peru’s pre-Colombian cultures, and the fabulous private Larco Museum, which has 40,000 ancient ceramics and works in gold and silver on display. Overnight at the Overnight at the Hotel Antiguas:

day 2

Day 3: Sept. 21: Fly to historic Cusco. The change in altitude from Lima to the capital of the Inca will involve our taking it easy for the rest of the day, but an introductory lecture will be offered. Overnight at Hotel Ruinas in the heart of ancient Inca Cusco:

day 3

Day 4: Sept. 22: Walking tour of historic Inca Cusco including the central Plaza de Armas, megalithic wall constructions made prior to the Inca, and the Coricancha; sacred center of the Inca world. The afternoon will be free for arts and crafts shopping. Overnight Hotel Ruinas:

Calle Hatun Rumiyoc

Day 5: Sept. 23: Exploration of the megalithic works just above the city of Cusco, including the massive megalithic works of Sachsayhuaman, the labyrinth of Qenqo, and ceremonial caves of Amaru Machay; temple of the serpents. Overnight Hotel Ruinas:

day 5

Day 6: Sept. 24: Following in the path of the Inca. On this day we retrace the historic arrival of the Inca to Cusco by retracing their journey. We visit the Temple of Viracocha, Andahuaylillas (home to the curious elongated skulled “Huayqui” skeleton) and the Inti Punku; Gate of the Sun. Overnight Hotel Ruinas:

day 6

Day 7: Sept. 25: We now enter the Sacred Valley, a magnificent green expansive of agriculture that has been under cultivation for at least 1000 years old. Along the way we will stop at and explore the Inca winter palace complex of Chinchero, home of some of Peru’s finest traditional weavers, and then explore the mysterious giant spirals of Moray. Finally, we will experience the Salinaras saline ponds; thousands of salt drying pools used since before Inca times. Overnight at the Hotel San Augustin in the Sacred Valley:

day 7

Day 8: Sept. 26: Now we inch our way to Machu Picchu, by exploring the northern part of the Sacred Valley. Our first stop is the ethereal Naupa Huaca, an ancient temple inside a cave, which few tourists ever see. It is a very sacred space most likely made before the Inca existed, and excellent for ceremony, toning and meditation. After this we thoroughly explore the massive “mother temple” complex of Ollantaytambo, which was in use for thousands of years before the Inca. It has some of the most magnificent examples of megalithic “lost ancient technological works” to be seen anywhere. Overnight Hotel San Augustin:

day 8

Day 9: Sept. 27: The highlight for most travelers to Peru, Machu Pic’chu. We catch the train from the Sacred Valley, and spend the entire day at this magnificent “lost city” of the Inca. Each guest will receive a copy of Brien’s “Machu Pic’chu: Virtual Guide And Secrets Revealed” book, and after a thorough exploration of the site, there will be time for meditation. Overnight Hotel San Augustin:

day 9

Day 10: Sept. 28: Return to Cusco for further exploration of the city and final shopping in this art and craft wonderland. For those joining the Bolivia extension, we will fly straight from Cusco to La Paz, and those that are only on this main part of the tour, will fly to Lima and return to their home country, unless they have made plans to stay on and explore on their own.

Bolivia extension including:

Tiwanaku and Puma Punku

September 28th to October 2nd 2014

Those involved in the extension to Bolivia will explore Lapaz should they choose, or rest for the day.

Overnight Ritz Apart Hotel:

day 10

Day 1: Sept. 29: Fly to La Paz Bolivia. This unique city was constructed inside a huge volcanic crater, and is home to 2 million people. We stay overnight at the luxurious Ritz Apart Hotel and relax for our adventure the next to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku. Overnight Ritz Apart Hotel:

day 11

Day 2: Sept. 30: Drive to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku. Due to the complex nature of this expansive site and its astonishing workmanship in hard stone, we will be here all day. Also a good opportunity to buy Bolivian style handicrafts. Overnight at Ritz Apart Hotel:

day 12

Day 3: Oct. 1: Explore La Paz. The so called “Witches Market” is an old area of the city where traditional native healers still sell a huge assortment of natural cures, conduct Tarot readings etc. Also, based on their availability, we may visit some of the museums in the city. Overnight Ritz Apart Hotel:

day 13

Day 4: Oct. 2: Fly back to Lima. You may wish to stay on in Peru at your own expense, or fly home.



Tour costs


Nazca & Paracas – September 14th to 18th 2014 cost $1049
Single supplement cost $250

Main 10 day tour of the Sacred Valley including: Machu Pichu – September 19th to September 28th 2014 cost $3195
Single supplement cost $500

Bolivia extension including: Tiwanaku and Puma Punku September 28th to October 2nd 2014 cost $1230
Single supplement cost $250

Please note* The Single Room Supplement is the additional amount you will pay if you choose to have your own private room throughout the journey.

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