The Energetic Qualities of Stone Circles and Crop Circles

The Energetic Qualities of Stone Circles and Crop Circles


The power of the stones By Maria Wheatley


This article explores how Avebury’s standing stones were sited upon a geometric earth energy pattern that charges the stones with energy which is then transmitted throughout the monument. The hands or a dowsing instrument can easily detect this form of megalithic energy which is absorbed into our auric fields. Part Two analyses and describes the energetic qualities that stone circles share with crop circles and how their harmonic energy forms high frequency energy lines across the ceremonial landscape. 

For thousands of years Avebury’s landscape has been seen as a mysterious region. The land has special sanctity and a mystical power that has attracted people for millennia. Around four and a half thousand years ago over 700 gigantic sarsen stones were erected. The vast monument spanned over three and a half miles and contains the world’s largest stone circle.

William Stukeley’s Serpent temple 

In the 18th century, the antiquarian William Stukeley sketched Avebury’s megalithic complex which he believed represented a gigantic serpent. The serpent’s head was formed by the concentric stone circle upon Overton Hill which he called The Sanctuary. The extensive ridge upon which the Sanctuary stood is known as Hackpen Hill. Interestingly, Hack is an old English word for serpent. Sadly, nothing exists of the Sanctuary today and concrete markers depict the former positions of the long-gone standing stones. The West Kennet stone avenue consisted of one hundred paired stones that snaked for one and a half miles towards the serpent’s body perceived as Avebury’s stone circles and the Beckhampton stone avenue, which terminated at Fox Covert, formed the tail of the serpent. Stukeley witnessed the destruction and demise of Avebury as many of the stones were toppled and removed for cheap building material. Without Stukeley’s writings and drawings we would not understand the complexity of Avebury Henge. 

In the 1930s, the marmalade millionaire and archaeologist Alexander Keiller bought the land containing Avebury, Windmill Hill and the West Kennet stone avenue and saved the vast megalithic temple from further destruction and he began to restore Avebury to its former glory. Out of the estimated 700 or so stones only 52 were still visible and only 25 remained standing. Keiller re-erected many of the megaliths that were previously buried or toppled, and when a stone hole was discovered that originally contained a megalith, a concrete marker was erected to depict its position, but World War II and poor health stopped him restoring the entire monument. Upon his death, Keiller gave Avebury to the British Nation (The National Trust/English Heritage) on the strict condition that the restoration work must be continued. Sadly, they never respected or acted upon Keiller’s final wish. 

Despite centuries of abuse and destruction, Avebury’s stone circles retain their ancient power. Sensitive people that place the palms of their hands against the stones often feel a tingling sensation, or warmth from the megalith. Archaeologists insist this is just a piezoelectric affect due to quartz or other compounds being present within the stone’s internal make up. Indeed this is partly true. However, earth energy can cause tingling sensations in the hands when they are placed upon specific areas of the stone and cause dowsing rods to react dramatically.

 Megalithic chakras and energy bands

My late father, Dennis Wheatley, was considered a Master Dowser and world authority on the ‘geodetic system of earth energies’, who taught me how to detect megalithic energy using either a dowsing instrument or my hands.  Tall stones have seven ‘bands’ of energy; five are above ground and two are below ground. The seven bands equate to our chakras. The base and navel chakras are located within the stones’ base which is rooted in the earth.  Visualize the five above ground bands spiralling their way upwards to the apex of the stone and you will begin to perceive the dynamics of megalithic energy. So, what causes the energetic chakra-bands? 

The ancient megalithic architects were acutely aware of the earth’s whispering energies and subtle geometries, and they integrated them into the foundation plans of their monuments to generate different forms of free energy – such as the chakra-bands. Our ancestors utilized a powerful circular earth energy pattern known as a Primary Halo, which is naturally generated by the earth and is often associated with underground water. It is highly magnetic and invariably consists of three concentric circles of energy and standing stones and mounds were sited upon them. This is the reason why the ancients chose a circular design for their stone circles and mounds and sacred sites mark their location within the esoteric landscape.

Energy converters

The stones continually absorb the earth energy through their base which is rooted in the ground. Using their internal crystal lattice, the stones can process and convert earth energy into an aerial form of electromagnetic ley-energy, which can be likened to a beam of linear energy. All megaliths have a cubic crystal lattice construction; imagine a continuous set of small cubes, interlinked through the entire stone, with atoms at the corners of each cube. This is identical to the modern-day semiconductor microchips grown in laboratories and which have revolutionised the electronics industry and our day-to-day lives. Physicists have merely duplicated the stone’s lattice structure. A megalith should be regarded as a semiconductor ‘macrochip’, which has the capacity to store and transmit energy. 

I have studied earth and megalithic energy for over 15 years and their affects are remarkable forming an energetic matrix within a sacred site. For instance, Band 2 constantly transmits an energy beam to localized stones, such as those in a stone circle, creating an intense network of aboveground energy lines. All of the stones are simultaneously transmitting and collecting this energy. Band 4 is associated with energy transmissions to distant stones or stone circles. Thus, this energy beam connects stone circle to stone circle across the ritual landscape. 

Proving the bands exist

Sceptics have ridiculed my research and challenged the existence of the band’s magnetic power.  To prove their existence I decided to invite Rodney Hale to Avebury to set up a series of tests. Rodney Hale worked with Paul Devereux on the Dragon Project, which was originally set up in the 1970s to analyse energetic anomalies at ancient sites. Rodney is an expert in analysing electromagnetic signals and he used an electronic receiver, R.F. Spectrum Analyser and electronic equipment for recording any electromagnetic signals that were being emitted by the stones.  Stone 101 in Avebury’s southern circle was chosen for the tests, as this is one of the few stones that has not been re-erected and set in concrete. Rodney asked me to dowse for the bands and he noted their position. 

Electromagnetic readings

Slowly and steadily, Rodney raised the instrument from ground level to a height of 2 metres, which mirrored my dowsing technique and the sound output was recorded on the laptop. The sound was eerie – a kind of low level buzzing – it felt like you were hearing the ‘voice’ within the stone. Rodney did not expect to get any consistent results so the data shocked him! 

For clarity in illustrating the results, the energy-bands on the stone are shown as digitally darkened lines. The signal strength has been plotted against the height of the stone for two separate tests and the width of the trace represents the strength of the signal. The electromagnetic signal correlates with the position of the energy bands. The strongest trace recorded was at Band 2 which transmits energy to other standing stones, so one would expect this band to be the strongest. After analysing the data of several tests, Rodney concludes that statistically there is a definite correlation between the energy bands and the recorded signal. 

Remain mindful that when you are walking around a stone circle you are being bathed in this form of magnetic energy. Small and restricted amounts of magnetic energy are renowned for their healing properties. Many researchers and psychics agree that the band’s energy encourages the body to heal itself. 

Using Kirlian photography European dowsers have photographed the interaction of earth energy with the physical body. They noted that standing for just 3 minutes in close proximity to the Bands, or upon an ‘earth energy power point’, where earth energy literally pours up from the earth creating intense energy fountains and arches up to 5 metres high, will produce a startling effect. The aura will begin to expand and continues to do so for 4 days producing a sense of Spiritual Oneness, well being and physical vitality. Although you may think you are just standing by a stone and nothing is happening something quite extraordinary is occurring creating a profound healing influence that is detectable on the auric level. In addition, bear in mind this is just one aspect of a circle’s energetic functions.

 An earth energy power point at Avebury Henge

Undoubtedly, the subtle healing affect produced by the energy bands and power points echo their former usage. If Avebury retained its full circular shape Band 2 produces a dynamic energy that professional dowers call ‘spin energy’ – this is a perpetual circle of energy that is being transmitted around the circumference of the circle which I will describe in Part Two. You can experience this unique affect at the Rollright Ring in Oxfordshire or Castlerigg in Cumbria as these stone circles have retained their circular shape. At the latter stone circle you need to stand between the largest stone and its partner both of which are located in the north-west sector. Close you eyes and simply stand with your back close to the tall stone. Do not be alarmed if you feel you are shaking or being rocked around as this is a normal reaction! 

Crop circles

Stone circles are multifaceted monuments, which challenge our understanding of the distant past. Sited upon earth energy geometries they absorb and transmit energy that can be recorded by sensitive electronic equipment and ‘seen’ as a beautiful linear light by sensitives. Although I have only briefly described one form of geodetic-megalithic energy there are several within any stone circle. Whilst my dowsing expertise focuses preliminary on prehistoric monuments, I have noted that the dowseable energy detected in some crop circles invariably reflects the energetic qualities and frequency levels found in stone circles located throughout South West England. As we shall see in the following article, crop circles likewise generate geodetic energies which fuse the esoteric design canons of the distant past to the present day. 

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